Whatcom County Council in Hot Water Again???

2015-09-04_1518As many of the readers and listeners to Liberty Road and Saturday Morning Live are aware, I was not pleased with the actions, process, and demeanor from the Whatcom County Council last June and July. Why? Because they appear to be the puppets of RE Sources and Whatcom Wins, to insure that Whatcom County will be controlled by a City of Bellingham centric group of nonprofits and the Whatcom Wins (aka: Whatcom Democrat Party) to deny the residents and tax paying citizens of urban and rural Whatcom County their ability to have a voice in how this County is run.

The Whatcom County Charter is the constitution which protects and guides all who live and work in the County. The Home Rule Charter was intended to be used as a measure to refocus the County every ten-years and insure that the citizens of Whatcom County retain their ability to live, work and play here. We must all be held to the same standards of law and that includes those elected to represent us all on the Whatcom County Council.

David McCluskey, a local resident of Whatcom County has filed an official ethics complaint regarding the actions of the Whatcom County Council. Mr. McCluskey’s complaints are numerous and well documented in his letter filed today, Sept. 4 2015, with Suzanne Mildener at the Whatcom County Executives Office, with the Ethics Commission.

Mr. McCluskey has provided a full copy of his filing with the Whatcom County Ethics Commission. Whatcom County has to defend the actions of the Council and the County in a civil suit, for the very actions Mr. McCluskey refers to in his ethics complaint.

I commend Mr. McCluskey for his tenacity to ferret out the truth on what’s really happening behind closed doors at the Whatcom County Council.

~ Kris Halterman

McCluskey Ltr to Ethics Committee SML 7/18/15 Elenbaas vs. WC Council 7/09/2015 Herald 5 Districts

Excerpts from email exchanges sent out by Council Member Ken Mann (Please pardon the profanity within Council Member Mann’s exchanges, but these are exactly as obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request):

The more crazy these idiots get, the better. That’s not a scientific analysis just my limited faith in “the voters” to realize eventually what a collective cluster fuck their proposals are. (page 37)

Hi Ellen – thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the boneheaded ideologues who are advocating for this will be able to wordsmith their proposal and put it on the general election ballot. The council has no say, but I will surely be talking about it. It’s safe to assume that any proposal that comes from this Charter Review will be FoxNews/TeaParty approved. Ken (page 40)

Ms. Robson,
I am confident that the Charter Review Commission is composed of partisans and ideologues hellbent on converting ridiculous right-wing fantasies into amendments to our County constitution. It would be comical if it weren’t so sad and destructive. (page 41)

Mr. Milstead,
Thank you for your email. I am afraid that the Charter Review Commission has an overwhelming majority of partisans and ideologues hellbent on converting ridiculous right-wing fantasies into amendments to our County constitution. It would be comical if it weren’t so sad. Ken (page 42)


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