Whatcom County Council Candidates Highlighted at the 4th Annual ~ 2013 Whatcom Tea Party Candidate Forum


Update (7/26/2013)

The Whatcom Tea Party Candidate Forum’s provide the audience not only the opportunity to attend a live forum where they can ask candidates a question of their own choosing, but included in the handouts is a ratings sheet  for each of the candidates (including any who are running but did not participate in the forum).  I’ve captured an image of the results of their rating poll for you to see and embedded a link to the Whatcom Tea Party post.

Within the halls of the Ferndale High School Auditorium, the Whatcom Tea Party’s 4th Annual 2013 Candidate Forum was well attended by a balance of residents from all sides of the political spectrum.  The questions ranged from Agenda 21, Growth Management, Water, Property Rights, Biodiversity and Gun Rights.  Each candidate who had agreed to participated showed up (thank you) well prepared to address the audience’s questions.  From this observers perspective, I cannot say that I saw a lot of differences in the Candidates, except subtly when the subject of individual property rights, gun rights and whether the Whatcom County Council should take their responsibility to protect individual private property rights to the level of judicial litigation.  Ah, but I’d rather you decide for yourself on who is best to represent the residents of Whatcom County.  Remember, they will not be on the Primary ballot in August and all registered voters in Whatcom County will be voting on all the candidates!  Remember, we always get the government we vote for whether you physically vote or not.

~ Kris Halterman

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Photo’s provided by Dave Onkels for the use of the Whatcom Tea Party and Affiliates of Mr. Onkels whom he has shared these photos

July 17, 2013 – 4th Annual Whatcom Tea Party Candidate Forum (Whatcom County Council Part 1:

July 17, 2013 – 4th Annual Whatcom Tea Party Candidate Forum (Whatcom County Council Part 2:

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