Whatcom County Council left to right: Todd Donovan, Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Barbara Brenner, Ken Mann, Satpal Sidhu, and Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council Approves Emergency Moratorium to Cherry Point Industries

At last evenings Whatcom County Council, Councilman Barry Buchanan brought forward a motion to impose an emergency moratorium to any new unrefined fossil fuel exports  from Cherry Point industries. The full Council approved the proposed moratorium, unanimously.

Audio file of Satpal Sidhu interview with Dillon Honcoop, on KGMI / 790Am, Aug. 10, 2016:

Councilmembers Satpal Sidhu and Barry Buchanan of the Whatcom County Council
Councilmembers Satpal Sidhu and Barry Buchanan of the Whatcom County Council

On KGMI / 790Am, Morning Show with Dillon Honcoop, Councilman Satpal Sidhu defended the actions taken by the full Council to stifle free and legal commerce from happening at Cherry Point Industries.

The reason for an emergency moratorium, are simple…to protect from the a present and current harm to the public. As Councilman Sidhu admits, he does not know of any pending actions by Cherry Point Industries to export unrefined fossil fuels from Cherry Point. But, Councilman Satpal Sidhu admits that it is important that this Council works towards protecting the citizens of Whatcom County from any nefarious possibility of that occuring…because in 20 years or less, we won’t need fossil fuels…???

For the uniformed Whatcom County resident, Councilman Barry Buchanan retired from his well paid  job in the aerospace industry (heavily dependent upon fossil fuels) and Councilman Satpal Sidhu has been instrumental in developing a program to train people in the well paid field of Instrumentation (heavily dependent upon industries like those located at Cherry Point).

The Council had agreed to delay acceptance of the changes being proposed to the future planning for growth in Whatcom County at Cherry Point. The delay was approved last month due to the huge concerns expressed by local businesses and residents of the community. Apparently that delay didn’t stop the Council from jabbing a big poker in the eye of the people anyway, by imposing this false excuse for the denial of any new economic activity at Cherry Point, for a legal activity and protected right of commerce within the states and other nations.

Email received from Chet Dow, who attended last evenings fiasco:

Council mostly did what was predicted with respect to advancing the Comp Plan Update last night. However, near the end of the hearing, Barry Buchanan introduced, and Council passed, a 60-day “emergency” ordinance to impose a moratorium on accepting and processing applications and permits for new or expanded facilities in the Cherry Point UGA. They appear to have done this to mitigate any potential damage from kicking Carl Weimer’s proposed Cherry Point UGA amendments to the Planning Commission until January, and providing a slim opportunity for a new project to get launched during the briefly-opened window.

RE Sources turned out a large number of people, and “the usual suspects” went to the mike during the hearing to regurgitate the talking points RE Sources had circulated. Both Mary Kay and Roger delivered good comments on the housing issue, all of which had been covered in depth by the written testimony we saw. It is a good thing that the record is full of solid facts, submitted in writing, providing the basis for a hearings board challenge. I think that is the only hope for overturning some of what is happening. After the emergency ordinance was passed the RE Sources crowd all broke out cheering and applauding. It was pretty disgusting.

http://www.whatcomcounty.us/AgendaCe…/…/Agenda/08092016-1748See the last item, right above adjourn, on the third page of the Action Taken report here.
It was mostly RE Sources, some Lummi Nation, and a room full of even more extreme “climate change whackos.”

~ Chet Dow

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  1. Worry about something that is happening and take care of crime that is harming people on a daily basis for God sake! You are not working for the people of Whatcom county!! Just your own agendas!!

  2. Climate change “wacko’s”? I see nothing wacky about worrying about climate change. It is upon us already. It needs to be reversed instead of intensified.

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