Whatcom County Council Appeals GHMB Ruling on Rural Element; a decision to affect Your Water Rights

WRIA Watch ImageAs you know from previous shows and postings, the real issue that should have been at the forefront of the 2013 General Election was everything about water.  Due to Whatcom Wins (Whatcom Democrat Party) and the Washington Conservation Voters insistence that this election’s focus was to be on the Gateway Pacific Terminal and denigrating it to be a project only about coal, CO2, climate change, global warming and every other nonsensical enviro-scare tactic…the candidates and other issue groups were denied the chance to talk to the voters about what is coming down from the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology.

Now before you say that I do not care about clean water, please remember that I have been bringing to my programs and my postings the work of licensed experts in the field of water and hydrology (the study of how water moves).  The State’s reliance has not been with licensed hydrologist’s or proven science.  This is where the crux of the problem lies.  How do you prove against a potential?  You cannot successfully prove against a potential harm and that is where our State DOE have moved us.  I believe they have taken up the mantel of the enviro-scare groups and by changing out the word proven with the word potential, then combining this with all things water, you have where we are today.

On yesterdays Radio Real Estate, with host Mike Kent, Mike invited experts who fully understand and talk about Whatcom County’s water rights, the most impending item that our Whatcom County Council and Whatcom County Planning Commission will address for the County’s future.  Mr. Kent interviews Whatcom County Planning Commissioner Gary Honcoop and Skip Richards, a natural resource policy and research analyst with a primary focus on watersheds.  Both Gary and Skip give valuable insight on what has happened, what could or will happen if we do not have a Planning Commission and a Council that are willing to fight for the rights of the property owners in Whatcom County.  The loss of our ability to draw water, maintain and produce on our land will have far reaching impacts to all residents of the County, both rural and urban  alike.  The water rights issue must be addressed with proven science and a proper study of where our water is coming from, what the flows patterns are and what are the needs to sustain our ability to live and work in Whatcom County…to grow Whatcom County based on proven science, not potential enviro-scare tactics that will stagnate and economically gut the County.

~ Kris Halterman 

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