Water Woes III – in search of Answers

Water_Woes_IIIaAs promised SML is providing a brief outline, commentary and links to the third in a series of four water forums, and sponsored by the Rome Grange. I want to personally thank the Kirk Family and Whatcom Works, for providing the high quality Whatcom Works – YouTube video(s) of the past water forums. Your dedication to the process and promotion of transparent government is greatly appreciated.

The panel discussions within all three of the past forums has covered a wide-range of the water issues. Each panelist comes from a differing sector of the Whatcom County; private business, public employee, government leaders, non-government leaders, property rights, water rights, environmental rights, wildlife concerns and many other personal agendas. The forums address the water issue, and the information shared by the panelists and the questions asked, will give the tax payers and residents of the County a basic understanding of this issue and help them to plan for the future.

There is a great need to wake-up citizens in Whatcom County about the litigation and regulatory restrictions being looked at. In regards to water access and usage, this is happening across the state including here in, Whatcom County. There are many questions to ask, such as; how much water is there, where is the water coming from, how much water does everyone need, and can we meet the water needs from the existing water resources? These forums planned to carry out that goal. All it requires of you is to attend a forum, watch the videos being provided, share them with others, and to contact your political representative(s) to let them know your thoughts and concerns about water.

~ Kris Halterman

Water Woes III was held on June 14th, at the Whatcom County Council Chambers and featured the following five panelists:

  • City of Ferndale: Gary Jensen, Mayor
  • Whatcom County Public Works:  Gary Stoyka, LHG, Natural Resources Manager, Public Works Department
  • Washington State Ground Water Assn.:  Glen Smith, Gov’t Affairs Coordinator Futurewise:  Ryan Ericson, Whatcom Community Director
  • Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights: Roger Almskaar, President

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