Updated: Water Woes II – the road to Awareness

UPDATED: At last May’s “Water Woes II” there was a lengthy Q&A segment from the audience that I wish to share with you. There are a lot of important questions asked here which will increase your understanding of the present concerns that all Whatcom County residents need to be aware of.

“Water Woes III” was held on June 14th, 2014 in the Whatcom County Council Chambers. The panelists speaking at the forum were:

  • City of Ferndale: Gary Jensen, Mayor
  • Whatcom County Public Works:  Gary Stoyka, LHG, Natural Resources Manager, Public Works Department
  • Washington State Ground Water Assn.:  Glen Smith, Gov’t Affairs Coordinator Futurewise:  Ryan Ericson, Whatcom Community Director
  • Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights: Roger Almskaar, President

“Water Woes III” will be available on SML after it has been publicly published at the Whatcom Works – YouTube Channel. ~ Kris Halterman

WATER WOES II Q&A – MAY 13TH, 2014 – sponsored by the Rome Grange

“Water Woes II,” was held on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at the Ten-Mile Grange Hall in Lynden, Washington. The Rome Grange have set up four “Whatcom County Water Forums,” to help raise awareness of the current and future regulatory and litigation actions that will negatively affect all of Whatcom County. The event had a good turnout with approximately eighty-five local residents in attendance to listen to the panel, watch the presentation given and answer questions from the audience.

The panel consisted of:

  • Chris Clark – Cattlemen’s Association
  • Kate Blystone – RE Sources
  • Mark Personius – Whatcom County Planning Department
  • Roger Brown – Water District Coalition  (Birch Bay Water-Sewer District Manager)
  • Bob Carmichael – Water District Coalition (Attorney)

Each panelist was given approximately eight minutes to share with the audience their point of view and concerns regarding the current status of regulations, new regulations coming in 2016 and thoughts on pending litigation strategies.  Roger Brown and Bob Carmichael shared a Power Point presentation which covers a lot of the issues that have contributed and will continue to cause uncertainty of water availability unless, or until final resolution is determined in a court of law.

Please share this video among your friends and contacts. The more people who understand the issues at hand, the better prepared we will be to affect and deal with the outcome.

“Water is king. Water always wins. Whomever controls the water, controls everything!”

~ Kris Halterman

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