Water Districts Weigh-In on GMHB and Water Planning for Whatcom County

Recently the Whatcom County Council received a letter from the Water Districts, addressing the Growth Management Hearings Boards concerns about the County’s comprehensive plan and compliance issues with the Growth Management Act (GMA).  Specifically their letter concerns surface and ground water protection issues for all the purveyors and stakeholders of water in Whatcom County.

On Wednesday, June 26th, 2013, the Joint Board held a public meeting that affirmed the Planning Units autonomous relationship to the Water Resource Inventory Allocation (WRIA) process and have implemented the reconstitution of the Planning Unit. The Joint Board approved spending $14k for four meetings to facilitate paying for meeting rooms, materials and resources needed.  It’s unclear to this citizen journalist how four meetings could eat-up $14k, but that’s government at it’s finest I suppose.  They did not place the Planning Unit back to its statutory role as legislatively mandated.   Although I do not believe the Joint Board has fully implemented the hierarchy the  State Legislature intended for the Planning Unit to the WRIA process, they are moving forward and water resource identification and allocation is headed back in the right direction.

As this process continues to unfold, SML Liberty Road will post whatever new information we learn to share with the public.   That said, we have uploaded the letter referred to for anyone interested in having a fuller perspective of this project.  Water is going to be a huge issue in future, new codes and standards set by the Whatcom County Council.  The better everyone understands this issue, the better outcome this process will receive.  Water Caucus LetterWater Caucus Power Point Presentation

~ Kris Halterman

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