Two Perspectives on “Common Core”

The discussion surrounding the full implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or as its more commonly known (pun intended) “Common Core,” is heating up.  The discussion seems to be surrounding on different elements; but the common theme I hear is that there’s too much secrecy, no transparency and public debate on the national standardization of public school curricula.  Will the good people of Washington State weigh-in on this too?  I am hoping and praying that you do.  Any curriculum that has not had rigorous study and open public debate, should not be turned out upon an unsuspecting populace as a grand experiment on all of our children.  Too big to fail, is too big to risk our children’s future; not to mention the total intrusion on State’s rights and local control of our public schools.

~ Silence Do-Good

Sunday, June 09, 2013

NYT Posts Anti-Common Core Op-Ed

There’s much in here to like:

By definition, America has never had a national education policy; this has indeed contributed to our country’s ambivalence on the subject. As it stands, the Common Core is currently getting hit mainly from the right. Tea Party-like groups have been gaining traction in opposition to the program, arguing that it is another intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans by a faceless elite. While we don’t often agree with the Tea Party, we’ve concluded that there’s more than a grain of truth to their concerns. (Read the full article here.)

A critique of how DCPS is implementing Common Core (update)

By Valerie Strauss, Published: June 6, 2013 at 5:00 amE-mail the writer



(Adding an update with a detailed conversation between Lisa Hansel, the author of the post, and Brian Pick, the D.C. Public Schools official in charge of implementing the Common Core. The update includes a correction about  who published the Curriculum Guide, and some new things Hansel learned about DCPS Core implementation.)

Education Week is now publishing reporter Catherine Gewertz’ interesting four-part series chronicling how D.C. Public Schools is implementing the Common Core State Standards. Here’s a critique of the approach DCPS is taking in this task, by Lisa Hansel is the director of communications for the Core Knowledge Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the idea that every child should learn a core of content that spans language arts and literature, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual arts. Previously, she was the editor of American Educator.

By Lisa Hansel

I’d like to congratulate the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) for not only being dedicated to implementing the Common Core State Standards, but for doing so publically. The new standards present a great challenge, requiring major changes in curriculum and pedagogy. So DCPS should be commended for allowing Education Week reporter Catherine Gewertz access to teachers, students, instructional coaches, and administrators while they grapple with these changes. (Read the full article here.)

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