Threat Letter Sent to Local Businesses that Support Cherry Point Industries

Last Saturday, on the Saturday Morning Live radio show, we talked about a newly uncovered threat letter from Stand.Earth, formerly ForestEthics. This nonprofit 501c3 has the usual characters with deep roots in San Francisco, CA, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and Bellingham, WA. Two of this NGO’s board members reside in Bellingham, WA. and have strong links to Futurewise and RE Sources. Alex Ramel and Matt Krogh. Ramel frequently testifies before the Whatcom County Council, bragging about how proud he is that they helped to get the current Council elected. Ramel also promotes for stronger restrictions on exempt-wells, farming and industrial operations in our community. Matt Krogh, who has also testified before the Council for the same purposes, was successfully elected and served for one term on the Bellingham City Council.

Apparently Ramel and Krogh are desperate and have signed their names on Stand.Earth letterhead to a threatening letter mailed to many local Bellingham/Whatcom County businesses. Why? Because these businesses are members of the Whatcom Business Alliance (WBA) and they do not like the WBA. Why don’t they like the WBA? Because the WBA has developed a new program named, Step-Up, whose mission it is to promote and support local businesses and industries here.

Step-Up strives to educate people about the positive economic benefits that these businesses create through: jobs, independent business contracts with other smaller businesses, charitable gift giving, and a whole lot of taxes that they pay into our economy, which supports the many local, public services, needed here. Two recent events that the WBA promoted were the Preserve Cherry Point Jobs sign campaign, and the Wake-up Whatcom County rally, held in Bellingham, to voice opposition to the Whatcom County Council’s changes to Cherry Point. The County Council proposed and approved changes which have hog-tied industries operating there to a future of no-growth and eliminated the potential for building a 4th Export-Pier at Cherry Point. This 4th Pier had been approved decades ago and is the only remaining deep-water access point on the west coast. What a dumb move by this County Council. They voted 6 to 1 in favor of these changes. Other issues that the WBA Board have promoted is for the County Council to lift the moratorium on exempt-wells and asking them to work with the 42nd District Representatives and State Senator, to pressure politicians in Olympia, to find a fix for the Hirst case.

The button links below are supporting documents which expose the dark character of Mr. Ramel and Mr. Krogh. They show the financial activity of ForestEthics, aka Stand dba Stand.Earth’s through their tax filing from operations in Washington State, and their IRS form 990.  These documents show the trail that links this organization from San Francisco, CA., to Bellingham, WA., to Vancouver B.C. ForestEthics reportedd gross receipts of approximately $2.77M, and board/employee salaries and benefits of approximately $1.89M. Compare all of this as you read their letter. Their letter seeks to demonize the WBA by linking it to evil fossil fuels. Yes, they have had a lot of success with this Council to shut down the industries at Cherry Point, destroy rural living in Whatcom County, and regulate local farms out of business. Read the mission statement of ForestEthics and Stand dba Stand.Earth.

Why do people and groups like Stand.Earth seek to destroy the vibrant industries that have made Whatcom County such a great place to live for families and businesses? And now they’ve threatened to destroy any business that associates and pays membership to the Whatcom Business Alliance. Is it because through the efforts of the WBA and the activities at Step-Up, that they know we’re waking up? It is important that we all stand together if we want to continue to live, work, and play in Whatcom County. It is important that we speak with one voice to say, “We will not have our local businesses bullied by your threats.” Contact the Whatcom Business Alliance to let them know that we will stand together and support their efforts to Wake-up Whatcom County (#wakeupwhatcom)

Stand-up for business. Stand-up for farms and farming. Stand-up for industry and the family wage jobs they bring to our community. Stand up for the ability to live in rural Whatcom County. Stand-up to bullies who want to destroy all of this. This is what makes Whatcom County such a great place to live. Stand-up!

Stand Threat Letter WA Sec of State NonProfit – Stand ForestEthics (dba Stand) IRS f990 WBA – Larson Response Ltr 4th Corner Info on Ltr & Stand.Earth

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