The Sun -> Solar Activity-> Tempurature Rise -> CO2 = Climate

Warning_CO2Here is a simple documentary to help determine weather, climate and the ability to forecast the future safety of mankind on earth.

  • Take a little cosmic ray
  • Bombard them towards the earth
  • Mix those cosmic rays with evaporated CO2
  • Poof! You’ve created clouds
  • Blast a bit of solar activity down upon the earth
  • This pushes away the clouds
  • The earth is left without cloud cover
  • More of the suns rays reach our earth
  • The earth warms up and absorbs the solar sun rays
  • Which are stored by the earths oceans
  • The oceans slowly emits the CO2 as water vapor
  • Thus feeding the earths plants and
  • Creating more clouds to protect the earth

This simplified version of the tale woven from this documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” debunks the theory that anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is created by industrialized carbon emissions. Rather it is the Sun’s affects on earth’s temperature which leads the rise in CO2. The consensus of scientists saying otherwise and being sold to John Q Public as a fact is anything but that.

Enjoy this video and share your knowledge…question boldly and for heaven’s sake do not allow them to take away our natural right to own property!

~ Kris Halterman


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