Saturday Morning Live for August 31, 2013; “The Grand Deception,” Marlene Dawson Supporting Documents

Marlene Dawson has spent the past 38 years researching Native American treaty issues, with a lot of her focus dedicated to the problems that have arisen and continue to arise for Whatcom County citizens, both Indian and Non-Indian citizens.  Marlene has accumulated a lot of case law and letters that document her research findings and you will not find anyone that disputes that.  What you may hear are people who attempt to malign and denigrate Marlene herself for trying to clean-up the mess that the Federal, State, County and City Municipalities have created over the past 158 years, since the inception of the Point Elliott Treaty.

Show Outline Dawson Presentation – Grand Deception

SML Aug 31, 2013 on KGMI:

Dawson Interview Segments:

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Dawson Supporting Documentation:

Dawson Presentation – Grand Deception Ltr to WC Pros Atty Dan Gibson- Dawson Lummi Penninsula Map Pt Elliott Treaty 1855 Dept Interior Ltr to Cagey 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Portland Trust Lands Report Opinion of Solicitor Dept of Interior Tribal & Indian Land Definitions Planning for the Passing of Reservations Haas Tribes Agree or Reject IRA 1934 A Moratorium on Justice 1994 Babby Ltr Organization of Indian Tribes Constitutions & By Laws Water Adjudication Fed Court

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