The Freedom Agenda

 704631The new year is upon us. As 2013 unfolds the private sector still waits to hear if their taxes are going up or down, if government spending is going up or down, and how all of this will affect us personally.

Over the past 100 years, taxes, fees or revenue (whichever word you choose to use) have been used to pay for the whim(s) of the political class to assuage the public with our own money. That said, they re-distribute the revenue by taking money from one sector of society and giving it to another. Whether they give back our money to private individuals, private business, or public/private non-profits, it is still a government entity picking the winners and losers of American society. The allure of free tax dollars (can you hear me gagging here?) is very powerful, no matter how principled you are. If it were not a powerful incentive, the United States would not find itself to be in deft for over $16,300,000,000.00. Or, the reality that the United States is actually over $86,800,000,000.00 in debt, due to the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, Federal pension plans and promises that they cannot possibly keep.
On Saturday’s program, Washington State Representatives, Overstreet, Shea and Taylor layout their common sense action agenda for restoring sanity to Washington State. Their idea is to bring Washington State residents together to work for freedom. What’s the name of their plan? The Freedom Agenda – Washington.

Their goals are laid out at their Facebook site and I believe these politicians are on to something. Every day we turn on our radios, TV, and computers to listen to what’s wrong with this, how the government plans to take more of your property and leave you with less freedom and liberty. If I understand it correctly, Representatives Overstreet, Shea and Taylor have laid out a plan whose goal is to restore fiscal sanity, personal liberty and our rights of property back to Washington State residents. What would be required of us (that includes YOU too!) is to spread the word by liking their site and sharing it with our friends and contacts. If We the People come together and place enough pressure on our elected representatives, we can win this battle and insure that our children and grandchildren will not be slaves to a government gone wild. It’s time that those elected to protect and defend our constitutional rights did so by supporting the Freedom Agenda.

Here’s a little taste of what a freedom agenda looks like and ask yourself; “Why isn’t my legislator looking out for me the way Representatives Overstreet, Shea and Taylor, of Washington State do?”

Lower Taxes
1. Balanced Budget Amendment
2. 2/3rds Requirement to Raise Taxes Amendment
3. Protect Small Farms and Businesses (Repealing the State Death Tax)
4. Working Poor Relief Act (Lower State Sales Tax by up to 1%)
Less Government
5. Regulatory Reform and Fairness Act
6. Protect Private Property Rights (Repeal Growth Management Act, Stop Agenda 21, Compensate for the taking of Property)
7. Save our Homes Act (Reduce Property Tax Penalties)
8. Healthcare Freedom Act (Opt Washington State Out of Obamacare)
9. Energy Freedom Act (Opt Out of Cap & Trade, Cease Membership in WCI)
More Freedom
10. Protecting the Right to Life (Parental Notification and Prohibition on Taxpayer funding of Abortions)
11. Constitutional Currency Restoration Act
12. Firearms Freedom Act (CCL Expiration Notification and Location Clarification/State Law Pre-emption)
13. Protect Right of Conscientious Objection (More to Follow)
14. Ensure Free, Fair, Accurate Elections (Allow Counties to return to Poll Voting and require I.D.)
15. Protect Civil Liberties (Nullification of the Indefinite Detention Provision of the NDAA, Drone Warrants, and Travel Freedom Bill)
16. Protect Food Freedom (More to Follow)

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