Testimony Supporting Emergency Ordinance Vote of “Non-Approval” on Jan. 30th, 2018, WC Council Meeting

Sign in a farmer's field near Klamath Falls, OR. The farmers were protesting a federal ruling where water was reserved for three endangered species of fish and was not given to the farmers for irrigation in 2001.

These two testimonials from Natalie McClendon, Whatcom County Planning Commissioner, and Robin Dexter of Pro-Whatcom spoke clearly for their reasons why the Council should vote against passing their emergency ordinance.

Natalie McClendon is a key leader in the local Whatcom County Democrat Party who ran unsuccessfully for election to the 42nd Dist., Pos. 1, in 2012. Ms. McClendon was reappointed to her seat on the Whatcom County Planning Commission by a vote of 5 to 2. Buchanan, Ballew, Browne, Donovan, and Sidhu voted to approve her selection. Byrd and Brenner, voted against.

Robin Dexter is a key leader in Pro-Whatcom, an organization whose stated mission is to slow growth in Whatcom County.

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