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Middle Class Economics Works

A Facebook conversation prompted by a comment from the State of the Union speech, “Middle class economics works,” caught my attention. Some in the conversation harked back to the 50’s and credited union shops and manufacturing jobs and increased spending for the rise of the Middle Class. To start with people had a different mindset. They were willing to work hard at whatever they did and exercised discipline in their spending. Union or non-union, manufacturing, or agriculture; those who I remember from my parents’ generation worked hard–at anything and everything they could. They worked free to gain experience. They worked for little-to-nothing. They worked at whatever was right in-front of them. They worked from the time they woke-up until they sat-down at the end of the day. They began working when they were children and worked for as long as they were healthy. They saw taking money for doing nothing as a sign of laziness. They saw taking money from those less able than themselves as immoral. The money they hard-earned, which gave it value and respect to know they did that. They did not spend their hard-earned dollars on frivolous things like closets full of clothes or dinner out, let alone a $5 …

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