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GMHB to Hear Testimony July 2nd, 2013, in Olympia

Updated July 1st, 2013: Well I had a lot of catching up to do on Jack Petree’s challenge to the Lake Whatcom Reconveyance petition to the Growth Management Hearings Board.  This action by the County Council and how it so desperately wishes to thwart the common sense, lawful reasoning of Mr. Petree’ makes my head hurt too! It could’ve been so simply rectified if the County Council had voted to work with the DNR to put together a park plan that included all of the desires of the biking, hiking and off-road vehicle enthusiasts; plus it would have preserved the commercial forest land and all of the other low impact sports that can occur there now. Jack Petree posted six news worthy items since the last update. Whatcom County Parks Director, Mike McFarlane, has approved the dissemination of a park survey which apparently is being emailed out to Whatcom County voters(?).  Although I have not received this email, maybe you have?   Please take a moment to take the survey (approx. 15 min.) and check back here with any comments you have on the survey. Did you did receive the survey by email? Is it a fair survey? Does the survey …

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