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Teamwork – 101

I was recently thumbing through a little book, Teamwork 101, by John C. Maxwell and found the following statement: “Working together with other people toward a common goal is one of the most rewarding experiences of life.” Last week I sat as a spectator at a public WIT (Whatcom Integration Team) meeting. Twenty committee members, mostly bureaucrats, sat around a table. This was their fifth meeting and they were discussing where to go with the information they had gathered and how to increase public understanding of what they were doing. For those who are unaware of this small segment of our county’s water planning, as best I can tell, this group was called together by the WRIA1 Joint Board, to create a pool of information about our ongoing water issues that would assist in accessing grant funding specifically from Puget Sound Partnership and more broadly from other sources. This is also the group that in the attempt to characterize issues of importance in our backyard gave a zero rating to rural independent living, several months back. When I think back on “teams” I have been on most have been rewarding, either in knowledge gained, friendships earned, or goals accomplished. I …

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