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Gov. Inslee’s Carbon Tax is just “Cruel”

Last Wednesday’s debate held at the Whatcom County Courthouse was reported to have been very well attended (a packed house) and because I was unable to attend the event, I asked Karl Uppiano to provide a report on the debate. ~ Kris HaltermanHi Kris, We had a full house at the Whatcom County Courthouse (a.k.a., the council chambers) last night for the Cap & Trade Debate, hosted by the Freedom Foundation. The panel included Senator Doug Ericksen (R) – Chair of the Senate Energy Environment & Telecommunications Committee Daniel Simmons – Institute for Energy Research, Director of Regulatory and State Affairs Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D) – Chair of the House Environment Committee Dr. Yoram Bouman – Environmental Economist & Author I can’t distill two hours down to a few paragraphs, but I can recount the highlights. This was a debate about Governor Inslee’s cap & trade proposal. However, we were frequently reminded by several panel members that there is actually no official policy or legislation to look at, so it is all speculation. We were essentially told to assume that the CO2 science is settled, to accept that global warming is a foregone conclusion, and to get on with debating …

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Students of Bellingham Christian School – Win Big at 1st Annual Constitutional Knowledge Bowl

The first Constitutional Knowledge Bowl is under their wing.  The Education Committee of the Whatcom Tea Party have a lot to be proud of and the student competitors even more to be proud of.  They all delivered an entertaining and informative event last Saturday afternoon.  For a brief recap of the event and results, Maddie Baines has captured the event for posterity. ~ Kris Halterman Constitution Knowledge Bowl – Report Posted on January 12, 2014 by admin Despite the Seahawks play-off game and wet and windy weather, the audience gathered at the Rome Grange in support of student contestants aged from 10 to 14 years of age. After an introduction by Karl Uppiano, President – Whatcom Tea Party, Paul Johnson led a fine rendering of our National Anthem.   (Click to embiggen) In a closely matched competition, students answered questions that apparently stumped many of those in the audience. Student contestants came from Ferndale, Bellingham, Oak Harbor and Deming to compete for both individual and team honors. The teams were formed through private and home schooled scholars. There was no public school representation at this year’s Constitutional Knowledge Bowl competition. Judging teams were assigned for three different phases of the …

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US Government Shutdown Attempts to Inflict Maximum Pain

This website is dedicated to local issues, so some of you might ask why I am sharing a post about Obamacare?  Well, Obamacare is affecting everyone including Whatcom County individuals and businesses.  Lately I have begun to hear people refer to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, as ObamaScare.  After receiving my personal notification from Regence on the discontinuation of my current plan and what they can replace it with for double the cost, I believe ObamaScare is the right label to give this unconstitutional  affront to the American public.  How is it possible that the best and the brightest minds in Washington D.C. cannot contemplate the economic devastation that will occur when over 10% of your disposable income is taken away from the vast majority of the American, tax paying public?  How do you spell insanity? OBAMA SCARE, or OBAMASCARE? Karl Uppiano is the President of our local Whatcom Tea Party and frequently posts to his personal blog, Kakistocracy Report, Kakistocracy, (Government by the least qualified or least principled citizens).  If you have not met Karl or read any of his personal opinion postings, then you are in for a treat.  Whatcom County is blessed with a diverse community …

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