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As Peter Raids Paul He Asks…What’s a Little Pillaging Among Friends?

Here we go again. The elected Washington State Democrats want to raid another office in the budget battles. As most of you know this is the raiding season in Olympia. Elected officials are combing through the budget and taking money from Peter to pay for their favorite Paul’s. Our governor has already raided the set aside MOTCA funds and given them to the Ecology Department. Bye-bye needed cleanup funds,…hello more bureaucracy. Now our governor and House Democrats propose to take another $10 million from the State Auditors Performance Audit program and give it to???? “Deputy Auditor Jan Jutte said that would amount to a 74 percent cut to the performance audit budget.” You might think this is just the normal juggling act between departments – but the funding mandate for performance audits originated from a voter approved ballot measure a decade ago. Just a look at the 2014 Annual Report of the State Auditor shows what we stand to lose: An audit of the “Safe Data Disposal” of our state agencies found weaknesses in the data removal system, which agencies responded swiftly to correct. An audit of Sate IT Security found some agencies were not in compliance and that the …

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