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America’s Future Will Burn Less Brightly with a Hillary or Bernie Administration

Banning fossil fuel benefits Does their abysmal grasp of energy and economics make Hillary and Bernie unfit to govern? ~ Paul Driessen “Natural gas is a good, cheap alternative to fossil fuels,” former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously intoned. (Psssst. Ms. Nancy, natural gas is a fossil fuel.) “If I thought there was any evidence that drilling could save people money, I would consider it. But it won’t,” President Obama said in 2008. “We can’t drill our way out of the problem” of high energy prices and disappearing supplies, he still insisted two years later. How shocked he must be now. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – aka, fracking – has unleashed a gusher of oil and natural gas, sent oil prices plunging $100 a barrel since 2008, dropped US oil imports to their lowest level in 45 years, and saved American families tens of billions of dollars annually in lower energy costs. But if price and “peak oil” rationales fail, there is always “dangerous manmade global warming” to justify carbon-based energy and fracking bans, and renewable energy mandates and subsidies. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton contend that climate change is an “existential threat” to people and planet. Senator …

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Geo-Economics Education from the Farm…aka “Cownomics”

This could be part of a winning thesis to get a Masters in International Economics! ~ Lorraine Newman

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The Road to Serfdom – Your Property…Someone Else’s Benefit

With the millennial generation flocking to Bernie Sanders and Pied Piper socialism, a short course in basic Economic Literacy seems timely and necessary. While it is impossible to cover every detail, this article does provide intellectual ammunition on many of the most important aspects. Thank you for posting it, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues. Best regards, Paul Economic Literacy 101 – Do Millennials really want the Big Government socialist policies Bernie and Hillary advocate? Paul Driessen America’s 18- to 34-year-old “Millennials” have been tutored in group-think schools that extol socialism. Now they lionize liberal politicians whose class-warfare prescriptions include taxing away all but maybe 1% of the nation’s 0.0001% billionaires’ wealth, then going after Wall Street, Big Business, millionaires and upper middle classes – and giving the “revenue” to those who “need” or “deserve” it more. The entire process revolves around three central questions. Which ruling class elites get to determine who loses, who wins, by how much? Who grants them the power to do so, and holds them accountable? And what happens when the inevitable discontent over their autocratic decisions boils over? Interestingly, many of the same generation have flocked to see films …

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