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Health and Safety…the language used to sell a Green Agenda and higher costs of living for Everyone

Everyday local and national news headlines screech “heath and safety,” it’s the moral thing to do! We are told; “What’s a few pennies, a few nickels, a few dimes, a few quarters, a few dollars, a latte-or-two, for the health and safety of a nation?” Hundreds (if not thousands) of latte’s later we are still being sold that same jargon. When will our sacrifices, our social obligation through taxation and regulation be enough? Are we affecting the poverty level? In the 1950’s the poverty level was 22.4%, in the year 2000 the poverty level was 11.3% and in 2010 the rate rose to 15.1% (after all that stimulus spending???) and yet we are still bombarded with the hysteria that the sky is falling, we have to force equality by sharing everything through mandated minimum wage, hundreds of new taxes and regulations and now President Obama and Governor Inslee are implementing their plans, by executive order (the actions of Kings over the Serfs) for massive new carbon restrictions “and” carbon taxes. More pain for the health and safety of our nation. Really? Well the best way to balance all of this is to reach out and expose the hypocrisy. Did you …

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Saturday Morning Live for April 13, 2013

Host Kris Halterman discusses the Catholic Community Services (CCS) project with Emily Weaver and Council Member, Barbara Brenner; to build a 42 unit facility for the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted. The project is slated to cost $9M over two phases.  Phase 1 is to build the 42 units; 22 units for the chronically homeless and 20 units for the mentally ill and drug addicted.  Phase 2 is for the development and construction of the CCS social service offices. (Click link here for COB resolution 2012-2 for the CCS project)  

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Saturday Morning Live for April 6, 2013

From 8:00am to 9:00am; Host Kris Halterman discusses this weekend’s CERA/CERF Northwest Educational Conference at the Best Western Lakeway Inn, Saturday, April 6th 2013, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Discussion will cover who, what and why CERA/CERF was formed and how their mission relates to local issues like the current request for to give trust status to property located by Interestate 5, to the Lummi Tribe and current water resource planning in Whatcom County for all water purveyors. From 11:00am to Noon; SML Host Kris Halterman joins Dick Donahue’s show, “Wealth Wake-up Live,” to interview the featured speakers of the CERA/CERF conference. Listen to Saturday Morning Live (4/6/2013) Listen to Wealth Wake-up Live (4/6/2013)  

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