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Endangered Grouse or Endangered Ranchers?

I have difficulty articulating my frustrations with government driven environmental impacts on farming and ranching without raving.  So instead I give you the following article  from Montana about a new species war in the West.  Note, the one thing that they can track is the number of Animal Unit Months (AUM) on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acres had declined from 1953 to 2000 by 8 million units.  Yet our population  that depends on beef as a food source continues to increase.  I ask you which species is endangered?   The Grouse or the Rancher? ~ Lorraine    September 4, 2013 Montana Farm Bureau Member Speaks Out at Sage Grouse Hearing Matt Knox, a Fergus County Farm Bureau member representing the Montana Farm Bureau provided comments during the House Natural Resources Committee Field Hearing on sage grouse conservation in Billings Sept. 4. The hearing, titled, “State and Local Efforts to Protect Species, Jobs, Property, and Multiple Use Amidst a New War on the West” drew interest from many entities affected by national legislation using the Endangered Species Act. In his comments, Knox said Montana already has a viable and stable sage grouse population. “Bird numbers tend to vary due to …

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