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5 Fair & Equal Districts…What Next?

This evening I attended the Whatcom County Citizen’s for Freedom’s (aka The Whatcom Tea Party) general public meeting. The guest speaker was Brett Bonner, former KGMI Talk Show Host, former candidate for Mayor of Bellingham, who currently works for Saturna Capital , a local and nationally renowned investment company. Mr. Bonner recently served on the Whatcom County Redistricting Committee, representing the Republican Party. His presentation included a slide show and information on what led up to and the outcome of the newly created five districts in Whatcom County. Brett spoke briefly about the people who made up the Redistricting Committee; Brett Bonner and Mark Nelson each represented the Whatcom County Republican Party, and Lisa McShane and Mike Estes each represented the Whatcom County Democrat Party. They (Bonner, Nelson, McShane, and Estes) appointed Dr. Tjalling Ypma (WWU Mathematics Department Chair), as the Districting Master, and Dr. Dale Kinsley as the Districting Committee Chair. He unabashedly praised the contribution of Mark Nelson’s thorough knowledge on the subject, and admitted praise for the hard work and dedication of adversarial opponent, Lisa McShane. Bonner’s presentation outlined that the purpose of the committee meetings were to receive a proposal from the Districting Master of how …

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One Man (or Woman) One Vote? Are our voting rights being corrupted?

The readers and listeners of Saturday Morning Live know the hard work that Elaine Willman does for all American citizens, even our Native American citizens. The Fairfield Sun Times of Montana has published Elaine’s article which deals with the loss of integrity in our one man (or woman) one vote for the purpose of elections. Please enjoy Elaine’s article and remember it’s up to you and I to give voice to these issues that affect us all.

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