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Governor Inslee And Grading Schools

Leave it to Jay Inslee to abandon the one good education idea he actually campaigned on last November. On his campaign website,  the Governor vowed to “institute a system of public accountability that gives a grade to every high school, middle school and elementary school.” He even clarified this position several times during interviews throughout the campaign. But Governor Inslee recently flip-flopped on that very issue when he opposed SB 5238, a bill that would grade public schools on an A-F scale. Even though he “vowed” to institute just a few short months before (see video), the Governor now wants the issue to be more carefully studied. Just another obvious concession to his friends at the Washington Education Association, who helped him win last November’s gubernatorial election. Parents and taxpayers, on the other hand, overwhelmingly support SB 5238. According to the Seattle Times, a recent poll commissioned by Stand for Children found two-thirds of the respondents supported letter grades for public schools.  Under the SB 5238 grades would be based on test scores, graduation rates, college readiness and other factors. But SB 5238 never made it out of the House Education Committee, much to the dismay of Republicans in the …

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