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Is Whatcom County Winning?

Last Tuesday’s County Council meeting had two disconcerting moments for this County resident. The first uncomfortable moment was when the Council brought forward nominations to fill a vacancy on the Ferry Advisory Board.  At the time that the Council agenda packet was published there were two applicants.  Both of these applicants were well qualified and had submitted their applications on time for consideration by all of the Council.  During open session one applicant withdrew her name and the second spoke to the council about the ferry.  When it came time to approve the applicant a last minute additional applicant  was added to the nominees, that of Byron Moye. At this time, Mr. Moye’s application is not available online for public access to view his qualifications for the position he was successfully nominated to.  The first applicant, Mr. Jim Dickinson’s application is available online.  It clearly shows that Mr. Dickinson would have been a quality member to fill out the Ferry Advisory Board. All of that said, what bothers me most is not only that Mr. Moye’s application was added at the last minute with no access for the public to see his qualifications for the position, but the whole process of how he …

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Agriculture: A Primary Concern

UPDATED:  The Whatcom County Council will hold another (and hopefully the last) public hearing to approve and amend that Ag-zoning will allow for the economic activity of Agricultural Packing Facilities and the slaughtering of livestock.  This public hearing will be held at 7:00pm, on September 10, 2013 in the County Council Chambers. It is my sincerest hope that: The Council proceeds with a vote to approve for this amendment   That the public hearing is not two hours of testimony filled with drama stars and urbanites who do not have a dog-in-this-race, other than to stop an activity that they have no real-life experience with.   The amendment to allow a meat-packing facility to be an accessory use in the Whatcom County Ag-Zone has in the last 14 months of its torturous travel through our Council Chambers become a voluminous ordinance with many restrictions.  The County Council’s Planning and Development Committee, chaired by Bill Knutzen with members Barbara Brenner and Ken Mann, has worked in numerous changes to the planning commission’s original ordinance that have little to do with the realities of meat-packing, but seem to address the fears and unease of urban residents. The urbanite, drama stars that showed-up at last Tuesday’s …

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