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More Government Lies and Media Ineptness

With all of the hoopla about the implementation for all insurance plans to offer what government mandates as a core package of services as the product(s) that health insurance carriers must offer to the consumer, they are spinning the truth and missing the big picture. When my husband and I chose our health insurance plan we did so intentionally to cover ourselves for the level of coverage we needed and we chose a plan that allowed us to put money into a Health Savings Account which we use to pay all  of our co-pays and deductible costs.  What we wanted was health insurance plan that would pay for what we could not comfortably pay for ourselves.  When we chose our plan, we also set aside personal funds monthly in to our Health Savings Account, so that we would always have the money available to pay for our deductibles and co-pays without disruption to our monthly budget.  This has other advantages, such as the money was allowed to grow, it reduced our annual taxable income and it would be available for us to spend in our retirement years for other purchases beyond medical expenses. After December 31st, 2013, our plan is …

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