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“Save Ozzie” – Because All Pets Lives Matter

Ozzie is 28 years old with the probability of 2 more years of life. We invite you to join us Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, 12 noon, at the Department of Ecology’s Regional Branch, in Bellingham ’s Fairhaven District (see map below), to seek answers.  What are their intentions for the lives of all pets in Whatcom County, and Ozzie in particular? Last week we shared a post from a Whatcom County rural resident about her problem dealing with the State Department of Ecology (DOE). We shared Kathy and Ozzie’s post because we have heard rumblings from the county that DOE is expanding their compliance programs with real negative effects on rural lives. Well, Ozzie’s story has struck a chord in our county and beyond.  (See Kathy’s story below.) When a state agency comes knocking at your door it is intimidating. They come with the full weight of the state behind them. You can only hope whatever compliance they are seeking will not crush you. Whatcom County rural land owners are finding there is no easy, quick, or inexpensive way to keep their pets on their acreage when the DOE comes knocking. They are being told they must comply with similar …

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Saturday Morning Live for Mar. 26, 2016

Part 1: Guest Host, Glen Morgan will interview Audrey Myers about “Mission Delicious.” The Lighthouse Mission Ministries is sponsoring a new, fun event on April 2, 2016 …  Part 2: Guest Host Glen Morgan will interview, Kirk Angler and Lt. Bob Vander Yacht about making our community safer. With rising crime statistics in Bellingham neighborhoods, it becomes our shared responsibility to help keep them safe, desirable areas to live. Kirk will share his concerns about neighborhood crime and share a personal story that happened to him. Lt. Bob Vander Yacht will share how the Bellingham Police are reaching out to help make that happen with neighborhood police outreach and online resources such as Nextdoor.com and local Bellingham crime stats. Learn what and how neighborhoods can come together to help maintain safe, livable neighborhoods.

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