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#SAVEINTALCO…Intalco Families Reach Out to Local Leaders for Help

#SAVEINTALCO…Intalco Families Reach Out to Local Leaders for Help On November 2nd 2015 Alcoa announced plans to curtail Intalco by late January 2016. So, late on Nov 24th, I, a handful of employees, and some other wives and significant others of employees at Intalco were discussing the curtailment on our Intalco FB group page…we decided we couldn’t stand by after the Nov 2nd curtailment announcement and instead began writing, both email and physical mail, everyone we could think of who had power to keep Intalco open. We immediately began writing Governor Inslee, Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, Suzan DelBene, Doug Ericksen, Vincent Buys, Luanne Van Werven, Kelli Linville, Jon Mutchler, Dave Gallagher at the Bellingham Herald, Alcoa officials, trending celebrities in the media who fight for American jobs, the Whatcom County Council, local political groups, local and state media outlets and even Presidential candidates. Soon after the letter writing began one of the Intalco spouses started the tagline #saveintalco to use on social media so we could utilize viewing traffic. The hashtag has been used on Facebook and Twitter both directly on elected official’s pages, and those in the media spotlight, their pages and groups that fight for blue collar workers, …

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Washingtonians are being Grubered

The people of Washington are being Grubered. Gov. Inslee has dribbled out his plans for increased State spending by $5 billion dollars. An increase in State spending of 15%. While he promises $1.5 billion in increased public employee wages and benefits, while he talks about income equality, taxing the profits of stock and bond sales, taxing the polluters and a Partridge on a Pear Tree for You. Gov. Inslee has packaged all of this under the typical wrappings of we have to do this for the children, the poor, and to protect the people from the evils of greedy businesses. Gov. Inslee must think that Washingtonians are stupid…that we do not understand that people pay these taxes their government imposes upon them. Businesses do not pay taxes…they are a passed through and paid by the people. Statement by Gov. Inslee: “Both parties are going to conclude — and write this down because it’s going to come to pass ­— both parties will have to find some revenues to meet our educational commitment to our children,” Inslee said. “And when they do, I believe when they open their minds to new ideas … they may conclude it’s better to tax pollution …

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