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#SAVEINTALCO…Intalco Families Reach Out to Local Leaders for Help

#SAVEINTALCO…Intalco Families Reach Out to Local Leaders for Help On November 2nd 2015 Alcoa announced plans to curtail Intalco by late January 2016. So, late on Nov 24th, I, a handful of employees, and some other wives and significant others of employees at Intalco were discussing the curtailment on our Intalco FB group page…we decided we couldn’t stand by after the Nov 2nd curtailment announcement and instead began writing, both email and physical mail, everyone we could think of who had power to keep Intalco open. We immediately began writing Governor Inslee, Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, Suzan DelBene, Doug Ericksen, Vincent Buys, Luanne Van Werven, Kelli Linville, Jon Mutchler, Dave Gallagher at the Bellingham Herald, Alcoa officials, trending celebrities in the media who fight for American jobs, the Whatcom County Council, local political groups, local and state media outlets and even Presidential candidates. Soon after the letter writing began one of the Intalco spouses started the tagline #saveintalco to use on social media so we could utilize viewing traffic. The hashtag has been used on Facebook and Twitter both directly on elected official’s pages, and those in the media spotlight, their pages and groups that fight for blue collar workers, …

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Ferndale to vote on gas tax increase as Ferndale City Council considers approval of an additional taxing authority for Parks

Last year the voters of Ferndale overwhelming rejected a massive tax increase for new capital projects for public schools. The voters did approve to tax themselves for a new library in 2012 and to increase their sales tax for road improvements through a special taxing mechanism called, Transportation Benefit District. Special Tax Districts allow people and political leaders to cherry pick what are the most favorable areas to ask voters to approve establishment of a new special tax district with taxing authority. Why is that a problem? Well, they do not apply a ceiling to the amount of taxes that accumulate, elected officials can legislatively move money from one special fund into another based on their legislative authority, as was recently done by the Whatcom County Council when they set up a Parks Special Revenue fund with tax dollars taken from the Conservation Futures Funds (funds which the voters of Whatcom County approved specifically for the purchase of private land for public use), and they are often the vehicle used to incrementally expand their ability to tax as they broaden the taxing district boundaries, using the same type of selective cherry-picking for voters to vote to approve their inclusion within the special taxing district. It’s the slow, drip-drip-drip …

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