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It’s Earth Day! WWYD?

  So here comes another “Earth Day” or for those of us who remember “Arbor Day.” What are you going to do for this roundish ball we live on that floats in the galaxy? Plant a tree? Weed your flower bed? Pick up trash? Or, take a walk through a forested park? On the farms and ranches of the USA we celebrate Earth Day 24/7, 365 days a year, and have been for centuries. From our indigenous people who cross-pollinated to create sturdier and healthier crops, to the farmers and ranchers who sustain us today; it is a full-time effort to treat our environment kindly with a look towards feeding people in the future. Here are just some of the developments that have happened during my life in the agriculture industry. Crop rotation has been a concept on small irrigated farm land since I was a wee girl. Many days were spent rolling, wet hay bales so that they could dry out after a rain. While that hay crop was never a big money-maker, it put nitrogen back in the soil for our beet and corn crops. Each year the landscape changed with each rotation of crop sites, which then …

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