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DNR Votes to Allow Reconveyance of 8,800 Acres to Whatcom County Parks

Last week the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) met to make a determination to approve, or disapprove, Whatcom County’s request to Reconvey the 8,800 acres of Lake Whatcom Resources Lands back under the management of Whatcom County.  The DNR approved this action based largely upon the statements encapsulated here: I am sorry to say that your vote on the Reconveyance did matter, even though you say it would have passed no matter how you voted.  It might have not passed today at the BNR Meeting in Olympia, but they said it passed our County Council by a Super Majority Vote. So they felt they had to go along with the County Council wishes, even though some on the Board of Natural Resources had miss-giving’s about approving the Reconveyance. Tom DeLuca, Director School of Environmental & Forestry Sciences, College of the Environment, University of Washington, Vice Chair of the Board of Natural Resources, questioned the whole ethics and voted NO. The Honorable F. Lee Grose, Lewis County Commissioner, Chehalis, Washington Board Member of Natural Resources, questioned the whole ethics and then voted Yes only because a SUPER Majority of the Whatcom County Council voted for the Reconveyance.  (Commissioner Grose is on …

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