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“Save Ozzie” – Because All Pets Lives Matter

Ozzie is 28 years old with the probability of 2 more years of life. We invite you to join us Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, 12 noon, at the Department of Ecology’s Regional Branch, in Bellingham ’s Fairhaven District (see map below), to seek answers.  What are their intentions for the lives of all pets in Whatcom County, and Ozzie in particular? Last week we shared a post from a Whatcom County rural resident about her problem dealing with the State Department of Ecology (DOE). We shared Kathy and Ozzie’s post because we have heard rumblings from the county that DOE is expanding their compliance programs with real negative effects on rural lives. Well, Ozzie’s story has struck a chord in our county and beyond.  (See Kathy’s story below.) When a state agency comes knocking at your door it is intimidating. They come with the full weight of the state behind them. You can only hope whatever compliance they are seeking will not crush you. Whatcom County rural land owners are finding there is no easy, quick, or inexpensive way to keep their pets on their acreage when the DOE comes knocking. They are being told they must comply with similar …

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Why I would “Vote No,” on the Lake Whatcom Reconveyance

Image of Clark’s Point, from WLT website at www.whatcomlandtrust.org Dear Council and Executive Louws; Another day.  Another letter.  I’ve followed the Reconveyance discussion for the past 2 years and this is why I would “Vote No” for the Reconveyance: Whatcom County currently holds approx. 7400 acres in park land (4 x’s more than any other county in Washington State). Whatcom County has developed for public utilization approx. 1900 acres of the 7400 acres (that’s a lot of under-utilized property). If the trust land is conveyed back to Whatcom County, the County will be responsible for 16,200 acres  in park land (8x’s more than any other county in Washington State). The Department of Ecology is on record that, “the Reconveyance of this land will not improve Lake Whatcom water quality.” The financial presentation by Whatcom County Parks has moved the target from a 5 to 10 year cost projection and development; to a 15 to 30 year cost projection and development. Presently the land is available for low impact recreational activity. Presently the DNR manages a selective logging practice to benefit the trust holders (that’s all of us). Presently the State has the obligation to pay for any landslides that occur …

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A Very Human Response to Disaster

I was recently reading an article on debunking myths of human responses to disasters. Ruth Wraith and Rob Gordon from The Department of Child and Family Psychiatry at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital explained: “People do not panic, they behave rationally unless they have no information or no way to escape. People are not self centered, they care for each other helping those in need where they can. People behave more rationally if they have information and can verify it with people they trust.” This week I attended a meeting of the Whatcom County Cattlemen where the Department of Ecology and the Department of Health introduced new employees and a new water monitoring program. The feeling in the room was that another government-made disaster could be closing in on them. Livestock farming has become an ever more burdensome operation, with shrinking participation due to the layers of bureaucrats and paperwork that have interjected themselves into the process of livestock agriculture. They had come to meet the new agents and gather more information on water quality and help each other to be understood and to understand. Everyone attending was respectful, asking rational, concerned questions about how this program will affect their …

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