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Believes Buildings are a School’s Last Priority

Too often local School Bond issues do not receive this type of scrutiny in local media, which is why I believe it is important that I share this email with you.  It personifies that our children’s lives are lived in schools where parents want local control and values that mirror their family culture.  So whether that school is public, private or in our homes, it’s of greater concern what happens inside the school and the spiritual wholesomeness that is baked inside, than how attractive the building our future leaders are taught in. Education is a critical element to a free society.  It is the tool with which we develop an independent, responsible and moral society.  It’s not what the outside looks like that makes a home, a school, a business or a community a great place to live.  Just as it is what’s inside that makes the person, the same can be said for where we live, work, play and yes…how we educate our children. ~ Kris Halterman Buildings Last Priority Schools claim they fail because of the culture. However, schools have actually created the culture. School officials claim parents are not preparing their children. However, it has been statist …

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“Common Core”…Coming to a School Near You…Educate Yourself Now

In the coming months we will bring a number of articles, videos and personalities to the SML Education Contributor’s page, and the SML radio program.  There is a lot to read and understand about Common Core, when it comes to such a radical change in public education. I voted for the Washington State Charter School amendment.  The reason I voted for Charter Schools is that I believe in choices and autonomy for public, private and homeschool education, that is driven by the local community and elected officials who are accountable to the voters.  As I understand the Charter School Initiative, its goal is to allow communities to have more choices in what curriculum is used and how it is delivered.  Common Core and its close cousins, do not appear to achieve that ideal. That said, let’s start with a small clip taken from an article published by Evan Queitsch, in The Examiner March 27, 2013: Meanwhile, Eli Broad’s education connections rise to power in states (Lillian Lowery is Broad Superintendents Academy graduate and Jack Markell has attended Broad workshops) and even in the federal government (Arne Duncan is a Broad Academy graduate and often a feature speaker for new Academy …

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