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When Did It Become Okay?

When did it become okay? To bully? Bullying has become an epidemic in our everyday lives and has become a significant issue for our children. When we lead by examples as bullies ourselves, is it any wonder that this issue has grown to near epidemic proportions? Think about it. How many instances of bullying do you see, hear, and read in social media every day? With the ease of social media, we have become faceless drones who would rather threaten another faceless drone, than to have civil discourse. How will these examples of bad manners leave a nation built-on self-reliance and social responsibility to our community? To shame people to be PC? When did our schools and higher-learning institutions become havens for children and young adults who cannot handle a thought or word that they consider offensive? Thoughts spoken out loud, not to offend. But, which we analyze, dissect and twist, to find some hidden, evil intent within them. Gay no longer means to be happy. Man, woman, boy, and girl are no longer nouns, but unwanted labels of gender inequality. And so, it goes, on-and-on, until we can no longer carry-on a comfortable conversation with our neighbors, let alone …

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