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Seeking Answers: Are People and Mammals Suffering and Dyeing from Wind Farm Noise Pollution?

Are wind turbines killing whales? Environmentalists say navy sonar hurts whales, but ignore impacts of offshore wind farms. ~ Paul Driessen and Mark Duchamp Between January 9 and February 4 this year, 29 sperm whales got stranded and died on English, German and Dutch beaches. Environmentalists and the news media offered multiple explanations – except the most obvious and likely one: offshore wind farms. Indeed, that area has the world’s biggest concentration of offshore wind turbines, and there is ample evidence that their acoustic pollution can interfere with whale communication and navigation. However, Britain’s Guardian looked for answers everywhere but in the right place. That’s not surprising, as it tends to support wind energy no matter the cost to people or the environment. After consulting with a marine environmental group, the paper concluded: “The North Sea acts as a trap.… It’s virtually impossible for [whales] to find their way out through the narrow English Channel.” No it’s not. These intelligent animals would naturally have found their way to and through the Channel by simply following the coast of England or continental Europe. But the author seems determined to pursue his “explanation,” even when it becomes increasingly illogical. “The [trapped] whales …

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Nonprofit KPLU Does Expose on How a Small, Elite-Rich in Washington Manipulate the State

Dillon Honcoop, host of the KGMI Morning Show on Cascade Radio’s KGMI radio station interviewed Randy Peeple, from Shiftwa.org about the vast organizations operating in Washington State (and around the globe) that are funded by small pockets of uber-rich people from the Seattle area, to form policy and thus rule the State for the Progressive Agenda.  If you were not already aware of the deep pockets of this movement…now you are.  Even Washington’s PDC who is mission is to have open access for everyone to see who is funding a political campaign or initiative is not immune to their power.  Just ask the WSRP how their complaint about the illegal actions of uber-rich Tom Steyerillegal actions of uber-rich Tom Steyer was treated v. the rest of the us. ~ Kris Halterman Wealthy Donors Fund Never-Ending ‘Progressive’ Campaign In Washington State By AUSTIN JENKINS Staff at Fuse Washington meet to update their communications and community organizing efforts. Listen 5:06 You’ve heard of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and other issue advocacy groups that don’t have to disclose their donors. They are transforming American politics. These political nonprofits also exist at the state level. But much of this activity is coming from the …

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Sustainable Development Unchained; "I’d Like to Play the World a Tune…Perfect Harmony"

Just posted on the Trojan Heron and The Whatcom Excavator is a YouTube video of Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, during the presentation of the Bureau of Land Managements (BLM) inauguration to National Monument status of the thousands of acres in San Juan County.  During Secretary Salazar’s speech he refers to this: “One of the key elements that the President and I spoke about is this; ushering in a 21st Century Agenda for Conservation for the United States of America.  And, so we created the America’s Great Outdoors Program.  And, for me as Secretary of the Interior it has been since the first in 2009, in the President’s signing of the 2009 Presidents Omnibus Public Plans Bill, we’ve created about 2 million acres of wilderness, a thousand miles of wild and scenic rivers, some eighteen National Parks and National Heritage Areas and a whole host of other things.” So, with the National Park status given in San Juan County, the 8840 acres of Forested Park, that Whatcom County is very likely to hand over to Whatcom Land Trust, or some Land Trust, the 100 acre wood acquisition by the City of Bellingham and our new Metropolitan Park District, fiasco, …

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