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Local Friend Stands Up for 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights

  Elliott Fine, local Bellingham, Washington resident (and friend) has achieved his 5 minutes of political fame. KGMI’s, Patti Brooks was addressing the Feb. 6, 2013, article in the Bellingham Herald, regarding Elliott’s sign. Since I was already aware of Elliott’s issues with construction theft and how he was choosing to deal with it, I called Elliott (as many others did) to ask if he was listening to Patti’s show this morning? Elliott did not have Patti’s program on, but in my conversation with Elliott, he informed me that the Herald article was not factually correct. Elliott knows that Patti prides herself on reporting the truth, so he called Patti’s show to correct the story. Well as you can guess; Elliott has now set the record straight on a national level. With Elliott’s permission I am sharing his e-mail comments and audio links to his radio interviews. ~ Kris Halterman (Apparently Elliott’s sign has also been a feature of the local NBC, ABC and CBS news stations, too.) Email from Elliott Fine regarding today’s news/radio about his sign kerfluffle: Well, I made it above the fold in our local paper the Bellingham Herald with my sign. I was contacted about …

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How to make a tragedy into a political agenda

Over the past days, as families in Newtown, Conn., struggle with tragedy, horror, sorrow, fear and grief, I watched politicians and media grandstand in front of cameras and microphones to tell the world that they will not politicize this tragedy. How is it possible not to politicize a tragedy when gun rights are involved? That immediately makes it a political and a constitutional issue. This is not some minor matter to be negotiated by an unelected, commission of strangers. This is the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Written for the People and protected by the United States Constitution. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The tragedy in Newtown, Conn. resulted in the loss of innocent children. Little angels really, who have no conceptual understanding of what evil is. How evil convinces seemingly normal, non-violent people, to behave like wild animals. Yet we all admit that evil does exist and manifests itself all over the world. Evil, uses whatever weapon(s) it can, to create fear and havoc upon the focus of their rage. Is it possible to eliminate …

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