Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Approves Constitution Changes to Seek Jurisdiction over Skagit County

We received this press release from Marty Loesch regarding the recent May 23 Swinomish Constitutional Amendment vote.  (Mr. Loesch was the principal architect of the “What’s Upstream” campaign as well.)

Unsurprisingly, it passed a vote of the Swinomish membership.

The press release does not address the off-reservation jurisdictional and territorial claims in any way, either in the March Point area or elsewhere.

Mr. Loesch’s press release only repeats the partially true statement from prior Regional Director Speaks that this Constitutional Amendment alone cannot change the actual reservation boundaries (with respect to March’s Point), which is true insofar as this  is the first of two process steps by which that would happen.

The Secretary of the Interior now has 45 days within which to approve or reject the Constitutional Amendment, after which I believe there are 30 days in which an aggrieved party must file an appeal.

~ Will Honea

Swinomish Indian Press Release

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