Sweeney and Servais unleash a hornets nest to affect November’s General Election

The Morning Show with Dillon Honcoop: Nov. 4, 2014 Interview withe Riley Sweeney, John Servais and Randy Pepples:

The Morning Show had a lot of action today. What started out as a potentially boring who did you vote for event quickly became a shouting match between John Servais of the Northwest Citizen and Randy Pepple of ShiftWa.org. What was the feud about? Mr. Servais took the opportunity to share with the listeners that he would not stoop to gutter politics and then proceeded to do just that.

Mr. Servais accused Mr. Pepple of being a paid hack of the RNC who reports lies and that he could’ve reported a story that would harm State Senator Doug Ericksen because he’d done his research. Asked what that research showed and Mr. Servais claimed that Senator Ericksen has a tax lein on his property. Asked to explain that accusation further and he prattled on about the property and home which Senator Ericksen owns and lives in (has for quite some time by the way) getting reduced property tax assessment from an agricultural use zoning benefit. That if Senator Ericksen removes that ag-zone benefit he will owe the County for the value he received from this property use classification. The truth is a funny thing and a fact that many rural property owners benefit from in Whatcom County, as does the County itself because it boosts the agricultural land zoning; which is desired by the County Council.

Senator Ericksen was afforded an opportunity to clarify the point and Mr. Servais was unrepentent for his part in the hornet’s nest that he unleashed upon the listening audience of KGMI’s Morning Show.

TMS 11/04/2014

That said, there were other lies and accusations made which did not have the opportunity to be pointed out and corrected. This has been posted on the SAVEWhatcom website and deals with Mr. Riley Sweeney’s tomato toss at SAVEWhatcom in order to tarnish the slate of candidates that were supported by Whatcom First for Charter Review Commission.

Truth Telling … debunking a Hail Mary pass

hornets nestToday on KGMI’s Morning Show with Dillon Honcoop, Riley Sweeney took the opportunity to tell a number of lies. Immediately upon hearing the lies we called the radio station presuming we would be given time to set the record straight. The ensuing hornets nest unleashed by John Servais of the Northwest Citizen took up the remainder of the show and there was no airtime available to speak to the listeners about Riley’s lies.

Hail Mary PassWe are left with the power of the internet and social media after the Election Day Hail Mary pass done in desperation by Riley Sweeney and John Servais, to tell the truth. Continue reading…

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