Success: Public Outcry from Citizen’s gets Common Sense Outcome for the Lake Union Farm Boat

Think that you are powerless to push back against unreasonable actions from public agencies?  Think again!

Dave Petrich, the owner and operator of the Lake Union Farm Boat in Seattle, WA. was being fined $8,000.00 for unpaid parking tickets that were not his.  This bizarre decision from the City of Seattle, that his business should be held liable for unpaid parking tickets of customers that shopped on his unique “Farm Boat” for their local produce was brought to the attention of the Freedom Foundation.

Please take a moment and thank the people of the Freedom Foundation for their efforts to help the people like Dave Petrich and many others to stand up for what is right in America.  We are not alone in this fight to make things right for the average citizen…that’s what the founders meant in the words,

United We Stand – Divided We Fall.

~ Kris Halterman

Farm Boat Wins Over City Hall

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