Some scientists are more special than others.

Colorado River EPA 2The climatologist community of science has tried to make us all stand on our heads over Global Cooling, Global Warming and currently Climate Change for a long time. It makes for good disaster movies, their claims grab our attention because they are fascinating to our imaginations and entertaining when enhanced with special effects, and who doesn’t think baby polar bears are cute?

We tend to ignore those boring scientists that study how and why this earth works the way it does. After all they use technical terms, charts and graphs, and mathematics, which is too often like a dreary day in school.

Colorado River EPAPerhaps we should pay closer attention to these Hydro-geologists (water), Geologists ( solid matter) and Physicists (how matter moves through space and time). We may not be able to understand all those technical terms, but when they become concerned that our tax dollars are being misspent, might I suggest we sit up and pay attention..

Below is a letter to the editor of, The Silverton Standard and The Miner written by Dave Taylor, from Farmington, New Mexico. He is a retired geologist and the letter was published one week before the  EPA mine spill in Colorado.

Gateway Pundit: Predictied Colorado EPA spill

There will be no Hollywood disaster flick about this EPA disaster, but it has the potential to cost both federal  taxpayers (us) and those who live along this waterway, far into the future. Thanks to Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and my civil engineer cousin from Colorado for bringing it to our attention.

`Lorraine Newman

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