Lessons in Bullying – “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” – BEA/WEA bullys local Teacher

BullyWhat’s a hot topic for education, the news media and politics today?  Bullies!  But, of course as always it’s; “Do what I say, not what I do.”

In December 2012, I interviewed a number of parents and teachers about the newly passed Charter School amendment for Washington State.  My interview encompassed the changes that the approval of Charter Schools will bring to public education.  Included in my interview was a discussion of how our public schools compare to Charter schools and Homeschooling.  Todd Hausman, a teacher and employee of the Bellingham Public School District No. 1, was included in the program for his knowledge of public and charter school statistics.  Apparently Mr. Hausman has been the recipient of what I perceive to be bullying tactics from the Bellingham Education Association (BEA) and the Washington Education Association (WEA) due to his non-conforming and transparent views on education. The BEA and WEA were not pleased with Mr. Hausman’s support of the Charter School amendment and his support of Rob McKenna’s campaign for governor of Washington State.  It’s not hard to understand that his support for McKenna was aligned with his desire to bring Charter School opportunities to Washington State.

During my interviews with the many people who participated in last December’s program I asked Todd if he was comfortable speaking publicly about these issues?  He admitted that he was likely to make some people unhappy, but because of his deep belief that Charter Schools could bring a needed element to the successful education of children, he was willing to take the heat.  Well apparently he is taking the heat.  Todd has and continues to be treated in a manner to which our public schools teach children that “no one should be treated.”

Posted below is a recent publication from the Seattle Times.  Based on this interview I’d say it’s time for the BEA and WEA to; “Practice what they preach.”

~ Kris Halterman

Time for Washington Education Association to do a self-exam

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