SML Candidate Forum Line-up for October 2015

Coming in October 2015, SML will moderate debates with local candidates. We have also reached out to bring local representative to debate two items of great interest on the November ballot: Proposition ‘1,’ voting for your County Council representative to be done by the residents who live in the District to be represented and, the sales tax increase to construct a new Whatcom County Jail. Thus far we do not have a commitment from the parties who have been involved in the pro and con of these two issues.

October debate lineup:

October 3rd:

  • Part 1: Whatcom County Executive – Jack Louws (incumbent) vs. Joy Gilfilen (local business woman)
  • Park 2: Port of Bellingham – Gary Jensen (former Mayor of Ferndale) vs. Bob Briscoe (local fisherman)

October 10th:

  • Part 1: Whatcom County Council Dist. 2 – Kathy Kershner (former Council member and local business woman) vs. Satpal Sidhu (current Council member and local business man)
  • Part 2: Whatcom County Council Dist. 1 – Bruce Ayers (local business man and former Bellingham City Council person) vs. Todd Donovan (Professor at WWU; subject Political Science)

October 17th:

  • Part 1: Mayor of Ferndale – John Mutchler (pastor and Ferndale City Council) vs. Cathy Watson (Ferndale City Council)
  • Part 2: Whatcom County Jail Tax – Ray Baribeau (pro) vs. Joy Gilfilen (con) debate the need to pass an increase to Whatcom County’s sales tax to build a new jail.

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