Saturday Morning Live Mar. 19, 2016

Host Kris Halterman will interview, Lawrence (Larry) Reed, President of Foundation for Economic Education ( and author of, Excuse Me, Professor.  What is the message for the reader of Mr. Reed’s book? What is the mission of, and how can others be involved? What’s driving today’s economy?

 Excuse Me, ProfessorThere’s little truly “progressive” about progressivism. True progress happens when people are free, yet the progressive agenda substantially diminishes freedom while promising the unachievable. Excuse Me, Professor, provides a handy reference for anyone actively engaged in advancing liberty, with essential essays debunking more than 50 progressive clichés.

Does the free market truly ignore the poor? Are humans really destroying the Earth? Is the government truly the first best source to relieve distress?

Compiled and edited by Lawrence W. Reed in collaboration with the Foundation for Economic Education and Young America’s Foundation, this anthology is an indispensable addition to every freedom lover’s collection. Show Outline

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