Saturday Morning Live for September 21, 2013

Bossum_Dog_BuddiesOn today’s show, Kris Halterman interviews Riley Sweeney (officer and member of the Whatcom County Democrats) and Charlie Crabtree (officer and member of the Whatcom County Republicans).  Tune-in to listen as we discuss the local political party platforms and resolutions for the upcoming 2013 General Election on November 5th. (I want to thank both Riley and Charlie for participating on today’s show.  They both came well prepared to talk about their party platforms, resolutions and I trust that the program listeners learned something new on today’s program. I also thank Allen Brown for time tracking my guests. ~ Kris)


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  1. Riley, Nice of you to comment and concur to all of the corrections. Except, you have to failed to address the connection between the “Washington Conservation Voters,” their financail connection to the “Progressive Alliance,” and Billionaire-Hedge Fund Mogel, “Tom Steyer,” who has positioned himself to prosper from green technology that’s being heavily subsidized with tax dollars while he also profits from the increased demands for coal from his foreign investments. ~ Kris Halterman

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