Saturday Morning Live for Sept. 12, 2015

SC Fox Well WaterAttorney Peter Ojala will give the listeners an update on the Fox vs. Skagit County, Dept. of Ecology, and Swinomish Indians; regarding the County’s denial to issue the Fox’s a building permit without ‘reliable’ and ‘continuous’ access to potable water for their retirement dream home.

DOE Appeal to Respond to Skagit Cnty Change DOE Legal Response doc.

Aljust-say-noso on today’s show, Host Kris Halterman will interview Brad Owens of NW Jobs Alliance about a 2012 letter received by the Lummi Indian Business Council from, asking them to “Just Say No,” to the Gateway Pacific Terminal project ‘and’ their alternative idea to change Cherry Point forever.

Show Outline NWJA ltr to WC Planning LIBC UGA ltr to WC Planning LIBC Strategy Ltr LIBC/CSCS Strategy Diagram Documents from SOS Salish Land Policy info SOS Salish Law PLLC info

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