Saturday Morning Live for October 26, 2013

Clayton Petree, candidate for the Bellingham City Council Ward 4, joins Kris and Jacob on the first half of the program.  Clayton will be interviewed on local City of Bellingham issues.  Clayton will participate unopposed as Pink Vargas has declined to participate in any of the Saturday Morning Live and Conservative forums.  Whatcom County at Large Council Candidates, Councilman Bill Knutzen and Rud Browne, join Kris and Jacob for the second half of the program to answer questions and challenge their opponents political policies. 
Clayton PetreeRud_BrowneBill_Knutzen

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  1. Such a shame the lovely Pinky lady can’t find enough resolve to appear on any of the local talk shows that matter. The lovely Pinky lady has perhaps nothing to say of importance or maybe she suffers from extreme butterflies when faced with public speaking. I wonder where the truth lies. What a way to throw away votes…Mr. Petree will be a welcome voice of reason on the council , one apart from the presently incumbent cloned chorus .in the county I would count it a huge blessing if the disarmingly honest Bill Knutzen continues to fly the flag for the regular every day man/woman of Whatcom County over the next four years..

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