Saturday Morning Live for October 1, 2016

Host Kris Halterman interviews local resident, Gary Giles, the Modern Griot (historian) about his one-man-show, We Shall Not SleepMr. Giles will tell the listeners about a boy growing up in Philadelphia to the man he is today…how his life has led him to share the lives of three historical figures…three historical figures of Black History…Frederick Douglas, William Still, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Gary Giles sings, Make Them Hear You)Also joining the conversation is Pastor Cara Tanis, of St. John’s Lutheran Church, to share the joint venture between St. John’s Lutheran and First Congregational United Church of Christ, on a journey of love and understanding for humanity and spiritual renewal in our community.

Also on today’s program, Kris has invited Paul Driessen to share an important piece of Federal legislation that is creeping its way through the Halls of Congress. A bill which, unknown to you, will rob you of your right of property and water and place it into the hands of the United Nations and Native American Tribes. The bill is S.2012, and Paul will share it’s potential to deny people their constitutional right to property and Western State water law.

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