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Saturday Morning Live for Oct. 4, 2014

Ferndale Prop 1 debate: Jon Mutchler and Samuel Sefzik:

42nd District State Rep. Vincent Buys Interview:

Host Kris Halterman will moderate a debate between Ferndale City Councilman, Jon Mutchler and Samuel Sefzik on the Ferndale Prop 1, gas tax proposal in the 1st segment of the program. For the 2nd half of the program Kris will interview State Rep. Vince Buys for the 42nd Dist. Pos. 2. Candidate Joy Monjure declined to participate in today’s debate.

Show Outline Prop 1 Ferndale Gas Debate State Rep. Vincent Buys Interview
Mutchler Sefzik Monjure Buys
R-L: Jon Mutchler, Samuel Sefzik, Joy Monjure, Vincent Buys

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