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Saturday Morning Live for Oct. 24, 2015

Gene KnutsonHost Kris Halterman will interview Councilmember Gene Knutson on the City of Bellingham’s decision not to increase the Urban Growth Area delineation for their mandated June 30, 2016 Comprehensive Update Plan; a 20 Year Plan for Growth in Bellingham.

Show Outline


City of Bellingham (COB) June 30, 2016 Twenty Year Comprehensive Plan update:

Process Milestones

Proposed Key Changes to Bellingham Comprehensive Plan; October 2015

Scope of Work and Schedule; June 2014

Public Participation Plan; June 2014


2014_Housing_Permit_Fees_Costs_WC_vs_COBPetree June 2015 White Paper on WC Draft EIS Scoping

Whatcom County Urban Growth Area Review – BERK 2013

Whatcom County Population & Employment Projections and Urban Growth Area Allocations – 2013 BERK


City of Bellingham Comp 2016 Comp Plan Update; written Public Comments

Whatcom County Draft EIS Public Comment; May 2015 2014_Impact_Fees_WC_vs_COB(audio)

Whatcom County Planning & Development Services EIS Statement – March 2015

Whatcom County Multi-Jurisdictional Resolution to Population and Employment Growth Allocations – Feb 18, 2014

2015_Berk_Urban_Pop_Growth_Actual_vs_RecommendedEngage Bellingham Results Summary (Mar – Jul 2015)

North Bellingham & Urban Growth Boundary Wetland, Stream, Habitat Conservation Area & Buffer Assessment



2015_COB_Future_Housing_GrowthComparative Costs and Fees for New Single Family Home – 2015


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