Saturday Morning Live for Oct. 11, 2014

Jeff McClure Interview:

Ericksen vs. Fleetwood Debate:

Host Kris Halterman will moderate a debate between candidates for Commissioner of the W.C. Public Utilities Dist. 1, candidates Jeff McClure and Bob Burr in the 1st segment of the show. During the 2nd half of the program Kris will moderate a debate between candidates for the 42nd Dist., Washington State Senate, Doug Ericksen and Seth Fleetwood. Show Outline McClure Interview Fleetwood v. Ericksen Debate Download ShowBurr McClure Ericksen Fleetwood

Water Resource Inventory Area 1 (WRIA1): The Planning Unit continues to meet and work towards grassroots consensus for water planning.

WRIA 1 Planning Unit regular meeting Wed Oct 22 6 PM 322 N Cmcl Bham basement Agenda:  Whatcom_Planning_Unit_Draft_October_22_2014_Meeting_Agenda.pdf 247.0 KB Materials: September 24 meeting  summary: WRIA1PlanningUnitMtgSummaryDRAFTSept242014.docx.rtf 1.6 MB

DRAFT Revised Work Plan: 2014_Adopted_Working_Draft_Work_Plan_proposed-amended-141001.doc 248.5 KB Link:  (scroll to bottom of page) WRIA 1 Planning Unit special meeting October 1 6 PM 322 N Cmcl Bham Materials:  Summary_WRIA_1_Planning_Unit_Special_Meeting_141001.doc 43.0 KB

NOTE: the summary was provided as a courtesy by Skip Richards; it is not an official Planning Unit document.

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