Saturday Morning Live for Nov. 11, 2017

Host Kris Halterman will interview Enoch J. Ledet, about the issues facing Whatcom County to comply with the Dept. of Ecology’s mandates regarding TMDL (total maximum daily load), phosphorus loading, how the county is currently treating pollutants, and how best these issues can best be addressed.

Correction: I repeatedly used the word turbidity which should have been turbulence. I wish to apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

Abbreviated Vitae for EJ Ledet:

BA in Biology (70 -UNO), and MS in Biochemistry (72- UNO), and Over 30hrs towards a PhD in Biochemistry (72-74). I worked as a graduate assistant from 1970-74 for the College of Sciences, University of New Orleans in Biochemistry.

Show Outline Water Temp Effects (xls) Causes of Low DO Fooling Mother Nature Cause Effect Chart for Low DO Water Quality Modeling for Lk Whatcom

Whatcom County Flood Zone Financial Data:

WC Special Districts WC Spec Dist – General Boundary Descriptions WC Water Govts & Spec Dist List 2017-07 FCZD Budget Yr 2017 res2016-046 WC Annual Budgets-FCZD & Other Water Dist (1997-2013)

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